Scientists have developed a ‘GPS’ system that can track inside the human body

Tumour: New wireless, 'in-body GPS' system can track tumours - The Economic  Times

If you want to find a restaurant, Google Maps does a pretty good job.  Using the Global Positioning System satellites in orbit around the Earth, Google can pinpoint the restaurant’s location, tell you how far away from the restaurant you are and how long it will take you to get there. Now apply that philosophy to the human body. In diseases such as cancer, you might want to find a tumor — but you can’t use a GPS to do that. Until now. Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial…

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Isaac Asimov predicted how we’d live in 2019, but he was only half right

12 Predictions Isaac Asimov Made About 2014 in 1964 | Mental Floss

About 35 years ago, to celebrate the coming of the year 1984 — made popular decades earlier by George Orwell’s dystopian novel — Isaac Asimov was asked to write about what the year 2019 might look like.  The famed futurist and author wrote of a world dominated by computers and robots, where technology has replaced teachers and industrial workers but also has created new opportunities for work and leisure. He also thought we’d all begin living and working in orbiting space stations right around now.  It was an exercise Asimov did…

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After Hurricane Michael, Florida skies turned purple. Here’s why

Hurricane Dorian Turns Florida Skies Purple, Residents Share Breathtaking  Images

America the Beautiful sings of ‘purple mountain majesties,’ but after deadly Hurricane Michael passed through Florida’s panhandle, it was the skies that turned an eerie purple.   Florida Gov. Rick Scott called the hurricane an ‘absolute monster.’ As of Thursday night, CNET sister site CBS News reported that at least six people died when the Category 4 hurricane, now downgraded to a tropical storm, made landfall on Florida’s Gulf Coast on Wednesday.   But even after the hurricane had moved on, its weather pattern affected the Florida skies. Reporters and residents shared…

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Oldest known drawing, from 73,000 years ago, looks like a hashtag

Oldest Known Drawing — or is it a Hashtag? — Discovered in South Africa  Cave | by Henri Steenkamp | Medium

And you thought the Mona Lisa was old.   Researchers say they’ve found the earliest known drawing on a stone fragment in South Africa. The simple cross-hatched pattern dates back 73,000 years to the Middle Stone Age, which makes it some 30,000 years older than the oldest known abstract drawings.   The drawing, found in a cave 186 miles (300 kilometers) east of Cape Town, was engraved with red ochre pigment. The stone canvas measures just 1.6 inches (4 centimeters) and is thought to have once been part of a…

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Ice, wind and lightning: How Mount Washington’s weather watchers survive

Ice, wind and lightning: How Mount Washington

This is part of our Road Trip 2018 summer series ‘Taking It to Extremes,’ which looks at what happens when people mix everyday tech with insane situations. Tom Padham didn’t see the softball-size ice chunk before it hit him at 100 miles an hour. Bad enough that it left his back battered and sore. Adding insult to injury, it made him drop the 3-foot-tall bucket used to gather precipitation — which took off in the wind, fog and blowing snow like a hard-sided wind sock. He had to chase that bucket the…

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Hyperactive comet Wirtanen to show off during historically close flyby

Bright green comet found to contain 'abnormally high' levels of ALCOHOL |  Daily Mail Online

The comet 46P/Wirtanen was discovered in 1948, but this could be the best year to get a good look at the small, hyperactive space ball of rock, ice and debris.  That’s because when the comet passes nearest to Earth on Dec. 16 at a distance of 7.1 million miles (11.5 million kilometers), it’ll be the 10th closest encounter with our planet since 1950. And it could be the brightest of the entire top 10. It should become visible with the naked eye in the night sky as it approaches and…

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