Digital yuan: what is it and how does it work?

China’s answer to the cryptocurrency challenge, the e-CNY central bank digital currency, is set for rapid take-off on its expected launch in 2022. Deutsche Bank’s research team examines the digital currency in detail and provides answers to common questions about e-CNY. What is e-CNY? The e-CNY, or digital yuan, is a centralized, cash-like digital currency that is expected to be primarily used for retail payments in China. The People’s Bank of China (PBOC), the central bank, and e-CNY operating institutions have conducted large scale e-CNY pilot programs in multiple cities…

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Ethereum Makes Notable Gains during Monday’s Marketwide Recovery

Ethereum leads the crypto market recovery - The Cryptonomist

  Ethereum posted the highest gain among the top six cryptos during Monday’s marketwide recovery, grabbing more than 12%, taking its price to $286.18 and its market capitalization to more than $27 billion, according to This rally comes as Ethereum prepares to begin deploying its Metropolis protocol upgrade.   Source:     Ethereum’s gain was the highest among the top 10 except for seventh place NEM, which gained 13.36%, eighth place IOTA, gaining 17.14% and tenth place Ethereum Classic, which rose 13.96%. Ethereum’s pricing activity continues a rollercoaster…

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NEM Price Rebounds to Two-Month High Following Coincheck Relisting

The Rise And Rise of Bitcoin – First Impressions – Preasenty

  The price of NEM tokens (XEM) has risen some since Japanese exchange Coincheck announced that it would once again allow trading of the token, which was suspended after a hack at the exchange led to a more than half-billion dollars in tokens being stolen and systematically laundered through other exchanges.   The XEM price started picking up momentum just before the announcement. It presently sits at almost 12 cents per token with a market capitalization of nearly $1 billion, a far cry from its January high (which had built…

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KIBO to Provide Integrated Lottery Games Built on Ethereum Smart Contracts

How to Build Blockchain Lottery: 10 Steps to Success - Merehead

  Lottery players worldwide will soon be able to compete for winnings in games that operate transparently over the Internet and receive payment immediately in cryptocurrency.     Players will have access to full information on draws, wins and other transactions within the system. The system provides transparency of all processes, which indicates it offers fair play.   Kibo Partners PTE. Ltd., based in Singapore, is readying the global launch of KIBO, a decentralized gaming platform built on Ethereum smart contracts.   The smart contract’s architecture provides all game rules, which…

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Record $3,375 Bitcoin Price Leads Crypto Market Cap Past $117 Billion

What is the Maximum Potential of Bitcoin? $100 Trillion Market Cap

  August has been an exciting month for the cryptocurrency markets. After successfully weathering the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, the bitcoin price has soared to a record-setting $3,375. The Ethereum price is also moving in the right direction following a sluggish July. These two factors have combined to lift the total crypto market cap to a new record. Chart from CoinMarketCap As July ended and the UAHF approached, the total value of all cryptocurrencies sat below $90 billion. Since then, the crypto market cap has exploded to a new record.…

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Weekly Altcoin News Update: Vericoin Price Rise, Cryptsy USD Trading, and More

Crypto Markets Recover Slightly, Ethereum, Tezos See Largest Gains

  This marks the first installment of the CCN Weekly Altcoin News Update, which will profile altcoin news stories that have flown under-the-radar, but deserve coverage. This week’s update examines the impressive rise of the Vericoin price, the introduction of Cryptsy USD markets, and a new Peercoin marketing campaign crowdsourced by the community.   Vericoin Price Rises Dramatically   Most altcoins are little more than carbon copies of Bitcoin or another popular cryptocurrency. However, Vericoin offers a host of unique features such as Veribit, which enables users to spend Vericoins at…

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Euro Banking Association (EBA) Reports on Bitcoin Benefits

EBA Chair: Staffing a Concern for Crypto Regs

  If you are building a car, and you either want the car to be faster or more efficient than ever before, you can do one of two things to it. You can increase the power of the car to make it faster (or lower the power rating to make it more efficient.) Or you can reduce the weight of the car, which usually helps both speed and efficiency. This cause-and-effect approach works throughout many operating systems. People, or athletes, can also be tweaked in this fashion to become faster,…

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