Isaac Asimov predicted how we’d live in 2019, but he was only half right

12 Predictions Isaac Asimov Made About 2014 in 1964 | Mental Floss

About 35 years ago, to celebrate the coming of the year 1984 — made popular decades earlier by George Orwell’s dystopian novel — Isaac Asimov was asked to write about what the year 2019 might look like.  The famed futurist and author wrote of a world dominated by computers and robots, where technology has replaced teachers and industrial workers but also has created new opportunities for work and leisure. He also thought we’d all begin living and working in orbiting space stations right around now.  It was an exercise Asimov did…

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KIBO to Provide Integrated Lottery Games Built on Ethereum Smart Contracts

How to Build Blockchain Lottery: 10 Steps to Success - Merehead

  Lottery players worldwide will soon be able to compete for winnings in games that operate transparently over the Internet and receive payment immediately in cryptocurrency.     Players will have access to full information on draws, wins and other transactions within the system. The system provides transparency of all processes, which indicates it offers fair play.   Kibo Partners PTE. Ltd., based in Singapore, is readying the global launch of KIBO, a decentralized gaming platform built on Ethereum smart contracts.   The smart contract’s architecture provides all game rules, which…

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Record $3,375 Bitcoin Price Leads Crypto Market Cap Past $117 Billion

What is the Maximum Potential of Bitcoin? $100 Trillion Market Cap

  August has been an exciting month for the cryptocurrency markets. After successfully weathering the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, the bitcoin price has soared to a record-setting $3,375. The Ethereum price is also moving in the right direction following a sluggish July. These two factors have combined to lift the total crypto market cap to a new record. Chart from CoinMarketCap As July ended and the UAHF approached, the total value of all cryptocurrencies sat below $90 billion. Since then, the crypto market cap has exploded to a new record.…

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There’s a helping hand available for small businesses navigating the new Making Tax Digital regulations

IF you’re one of The Sun’s army of small business owners, you might well be aware of the government’s new Making Tax Digital (MTD) legislation. From April 1 this year, more than a million VAT-registered businesses have had to keep digital records and will have to file tax digitally to HMRC. Spreading the word: Sarah Beeny and accounting expert Bobby Lane have travelled Britain helping small businesses get to grips with Making Tax Digital The changes might seem daunting, but accounting software expert QuickBooks has been busy helping small business…

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After Hurricane Michael, Florida skies turned purple. Here’s why

Hurricane Dorian Turns Florida Skies Purple, Residents Share Breathtaking  Images

America the Beautiful sings of ‘purple mountain majesties,’ but after deadly Hurricane Michael passed through Florida’s panhandle, it was the skies that turned an eerie purple.   Florida Gov. Rick Scott called the hurricane an ‘absolute monster.’ As of Thursday night, CNET sister site CBS News reported that at least six people died when the Category 4 hurricane, now downgraded to a tropical storm, made landfall on Florida’s Gulf Coast on Wednesday.   But even after the hurricane had moved on, its weather pattern affected the Florida skies. Reporters and residents shared…

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Weekly Altcoin News Update: Vericoin Price Rise, Cryptsy USD Trading, and More

Crypto Markets Recover Slightly, Ethereum, Tezos See Largest Gains

  This marks the first installment of the CCN Weekly Altcoin News Update, which will profile altcoin news stories that have flown under-the-radar, but deserve coverage. This week’s update examines the impressive rise of the Vericoin price, the introduction of Cryptsy USD markets, and a new Peercoin marketing campaign crowdsourced by the community.   Vericoin Price Rises Dramatically   Most altcoins are little more than carbon copies of Bitcoin or another popular cryptocurrency. However, Vericoin offers a host of unique features such as Veribit, which enables users to spend Vericoins at…

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Cadbury’s grandson blasts chocolate firm after it pays ZERO corporation tax despite making £185m profit in UK

CADBURY’S grandson has blasted the chocolate firm after claims it paid ZERO corporation tax despite making £185million profit in UK last year. American owner Mondelez UK Ltd, which sells favourites such as Flake, Boost and Crunchie bars, offset its profits to avoid a potential £35million tax bill, according to the Daily Mirror. James Cadbury has blasted the chocolate firm after it reports it pays zero corporation tax despite making £185m profit in UK Now James Cadbury – great-great-great-grandson of founder John Cadbury – has blasted the company for “playing the system”. He told The…

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Facebook Begins Testing Sponsored Results, Its First Search Typeahead Ads

Heads up, Google. Facebook is testing a new format of search ads called Sponsored Results that lets advertisers show ads in the Facebook search typeahead to users looking for a particular Page, app, or Place. It basically will let businesses divert traffic from each other. For example, a competing game company could target Zynga’s CityVille so anyone searching for “CityVille” would see an ad leading to their game alongside the organic search result leading to Zynga’s game. Sponsored Results could be big for Facebook’s bottom line, pulling in ad dollars…

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Snapchat’s Foursquare and Factual partnerships double geofilter usage

Borrowed location databases are paying off big time for Snapchat. They allow users to turn any nearby landmark or business into a stylized geofilter that they can overlay on their photos and videos. Before Snapchat partnered with location data providers Foursquare and Factual, only a few popular neighborhoods, cities, and places had their own geofilters. It also recently added a user submitted geofilter option inside the app that’s let creative types blanket their favorite spots in Snap graphics. Making geofilters scalable so even people in small towns around the world…

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Oldest known drawing, from 73,000 years ago, looks like a hashtag

Oldest Known Drawing — or is it a Hashtag? — Discovered in South Africa  Cave | by Henri Steenkamp | Medium

And you thought the Mona Lisa was old.   Researchers say they’ve found the earliest known drawing on a stone fragment in South Africa. The simple cross-hatched pattern dates back 73,000 years to the Middle Stone Age, which makes it some 30,000 years older than the oldest known abstract drawings.   The drawing, found in a cave 186 miles (300 kilometers) east of Cape Town, was engraved with red ochre pigment. The stone canvas measures just 1.6 inches (4 centimeters) and is thought to have once been part of a…

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