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Samsung offer Galaxy S8 in two screen sizes


South Korean,(TNO) Samsung may be planning a larger version of the Galaxy S8 with a 6-inch display. A report on Naver claims that Samsung will offer the Galaxy S8 in two screen sizes, but one model will likely have a 6-inch size.The standard version of the Galaxy S8 will continue to come with a 5-inch screen, while the S8 Plus will feature a 6-inch display. That’s a bit larger than the Note 7’s 5.7-inch display, but the report states that the smartphones will have a similar appearance, due to thinner bezels.The report, citing a source within Samsung, claims that both Galaxy S8 models will sport a curved display. This is in line with previous rumours of Samsung altogether scrapping the flat model completely.Samsung did consider to use an S-Pen with the Galaxy S8 Plus, but the add-on functionality was dropped from the phone, the report said. Looks like those plans were shelved in favor of keeping the Note brand alive.The South Korean company started the year on a positive note with the success of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Soon the company had to face a lot of trouble due to the Galaxy Note 7. But Samsung is looking forward to the Galaxy S8, its next-generation smartphone.




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