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Pakistan stock exchange under pressure

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ISLAMABAD(TNO) The Pakistan stock exchange remain beneath strain for the whole week and also during the last consultation before the weekend also recorded a decline owing to political happenings- statement of avenfield residences case towards former high minister nawaz sharif.

the trend on friday was no longer distinct and the index on the close of first consultation lost 129 factors to 40109 factors.at some stage in the entire week the inventory marketplace remained beneath stress and index suffered an erosion of almost 1799 factors. the market capitalization or stock values showed an erosion of nearly rs 300 billion.“the market has been under pressure since the declaration that the apex court docket will announce verdict related to avenfiled wherein former prime minister nawaz sharif call has been attached despatched ripples”, stated an analyst.moreover the market has been underneath strain because of weak economic numbers and continuous overseas promoting.




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