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Mobile broadband users growth in Pakistan


ISLAMABAD,Pakistan (TNO) The mobile broadband users growth in Pakistan is expected to touch 8 per cent mark in coming years as the country would have more than 40 million smartphones by end of this year.The third-generation (3G) and 4G mobile phone users stand at around 30 million and continue to grow, creating a huge demand for smartphones, which is the top selling category across all major e-commerce platforms.Publicly available data shows mobile phone imports in terms of value and not in units, making it difficult to figure out category-wise imports. However, market sources say less than 20% of Pakistan’s monthly mobile phone imports comprises smartphones.This equation though is likely to change in a couple of years, they added.It merits mentioned that Pakistan’s e-commerce market is still in its infancy and represents only 5 % of conventional retail trade. However, the overall size of this fast growing segment has come close to $ 100 million, up by two-thirds from $60 million as of 2014.




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