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ECP lets in reshuffling of bureaucracy for Elections 2018


ISLAMABAD(TNO)Election commission of Pakistan (ecp) has granted permission to meantime installation to reshuffle Punjab’s paperwork in advance of general elections 2018.

the electoral body has allowed federal government to are looking for services of as a great deal as 18 senior police officers of Punjab police.other than Punjab’s advise fashionable, 10 assistant advise generals have also been removed from their posts.likewise, ecp has additionally permitted to transfer Punjab’s 34 secretaries, 35 deputy commissioners and 77 igs, ssps, sps and further sps of police.ecp has additionally allowed to transfer Baluchistan’s secretaries, six commissioners and 33 deputy commissioners.the electoral body has allowed additionally sindh’s interim set up to make transfers and changes in forms. following ecp’s orders, Sindh caretaker set up has changed 14 secretaries, igs and several ssps. the reshuffle is aimed toward making sure obvious and unbiased wellknown elections 2018.



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