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25 kills ,31 injured during Friday prayer in Mohmand Agency


Mohmand Agency,Pakistan(TNO)  A suicide bomber blew himself up, killing 25 people with 31 other injured during Friday prayer in a masjid (mosque) situated in Payee Khan Village of Tehsil Ambar, Mohmand Agency.According to APA Lower Mohmand Naveed Akbar, a suicide bomber entered into the masjid during Juma congregation and blew himself up by killing 23 innocent worshipers with leaving 31 other injured.No group immediately claimed responsibility for the bombing in Payee Khan, a village situated some 65 kilometers in the north of Mohmand Agency, near Bajaur Agency.Most of the injured were shifted to Agency Headquarter Ghalanai, Bajaur Agency, APA Naveed Akbar added. Naveed Akbar said that eyewitnesses also confirmed that it was a suicide bomber who quickly entered into the crowded masjid and blew himself up with a big bang.





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